Happy Birthday Baby Bird {6/28/13} ♥♥♥

i just want to take a quick moment to say

happy 21st birthday!!!!!!!!

to my cousin Eve! <3
get ready for some fun!

in other news, i tried taking her out for her first legal drink aaaaaaaaannnnd she told me no!
what a way to start!


i have no recent picture...well i do, but she'd kill me! :D
so here is: me yelling, my cousin josh laughing like a maniac. ( i remember telling her to shut up up so we could take a nice picture!!! oh man!)
Eve is the one holding my hand!!! wooohoo happy 21st!!!
im not sure who middle dude is.
and last but not least, Roslyn! (the recent UCLA grad!!!!)
Family is A W E S O M E!!!! <3

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