6/24/13's adventure

I'm not sure what crawled up my butt, but i decided to go hiking.
See, I'm lazy and i loooove sleeping and i was off work early so I'm a bit surprised myself.
but it was worth it!!!!

I went to The Baldwin Hills Scenic View.
Those stairs are killer.
I read that there's 300 of them but I'm not sure. I will have to recount.
I made it to the 3rd set and then it kicked my ass so i sat down for a few minutes.
I made it all the way to the top and back down and then went running up and down through the hike route.
I cant wait to go again!
I found the rainbow all the way at the top now i just need to find out exactly where its at so i can go snap a picture!!! :D
So if you know, let me know.
Better yet, LET'S GO!!!!

There's a guy in a van selling water and Gatorade and all sorts of drinks at the bottom right before you go up.
On the way down and back to my car, we stopped to buy a vitamin water off of him.
I asked him if he was the only one selling water and all that and he said yes.
I told him he was intelligent!!!
(this whole conversation was going on in spanish!)
He then asked if i wanted a water and I said no thanks.
That's when he offered me one for free!!! woohoo!!!
(little does he know I'm planning to open up my own business riiiight next to him...muahahahaha who has a van? just kidding!!!)

LESSON OF THE DAY: Make friends EVERYWHERE you go! :)

woohoo! what a great day.
Now here are some random snapshots I took!
I love random street art.
Its the best!!!! (:



That whale looks really happy!!!!! hehehe

(I do not know the sources of these painting. if you do, please let me know. But kudos guys for the beautiful things you are leaving for the rest of the world to enjoy!)

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