Oh Sister!

i know its been quiet here since my last post and if i'm being very honest right now, im scared 2014 is going to be blahh! (insert cricket noise) because 2013 was so freaking amazeballs! how can i top it!? 

but im going to try. 
little baby steps at a time. 

i fell that ever since i told my kids (brother & sister) that i was going to blog, they've turned it down a notch. 
they're usually funny and now, well now they suuck! (just keeding!) 

this sunday we went to six flags (because our pass expires this month!) and i felt like the cold slapped my sister in the face and told her to wake up!

here's what she threw at me. 

1. It gets me sad because I get 36 likes on six flags pictures and like 12 on my face.
me: "keep it real, more like 5"
2. Me: "why did u take a shower & do your hair when were going to six flags?"
Her: because I fell asleep with my makeup on and when I woke up it looked like chris brown was in my room the night before!

3 (while they play frosty the snowman at six flags) 
They play frosty the snowman at work and I'm all crying because he's melting and dying and its a sad song. Then it turns in to a club scene song and I'm still mourning so I'm crying but im twerking on a mannequin. 

she needs to step up her game!
these kids were gold mines before!


i have a diy im working on so ill be back soon!

thanks for reading this itty bitty post! :D
love you all!

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