Snapshot Sunday

1}  tess made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting this week ♥ 
2} chester in all his sweaters. 
he must have been hella cold because he never leaves anything on. 
these are two layers of clothing plus a blanket. 
he was my baby for the day! 
3} i upgraded my moms phone finally!
her phone has outlasted every single other phone at home but she kept insisting on an upgrade. 
merry xmas mother. 
since its a droid i told my sister to show her how to use the basics. 
this is what they did.
they pose for the camera!
4} pupusas are $1 on tuesday & thursdays!
my brother had posted a pic up on IG saying something about having dinner with his friends so i texted him to bring me a hamburger because i was sad (not really!) to which he replies "we're eating pupusas. come over." i was shocked. 
he invited me over so i could pay for another round. 
5} my mom made panes on Friday so i told Gladys and she came over. 
i finally had visitors at my house. 
ethan took over my sisters tablet and bella took over the entire house. 
my dogs were hiding in my brothers room which was weird because chonch & chester were trying to eat my brothers friends before bella got here. 
once she was in the house they were hiding behind the dude they were trying to eat in the first place! 
wussy's.  -.-
6} breakfast before heading to san diego safai zoo (post coming up soon!) 
me: what do you want to eat babes? 
mr.: something fast and easy. like you. 
mr.: what you couldnt think of anything either? 
suck it dude!
7} mail day was awesome on Monday!
took this on the road with me to SD. 
so far soooo good!
8} homemade xmas decorations! (: 
i have a quick post coming up on this too! (: 
9} my sister at six flags last week. 
i meant to post it up with the little post i wrote about her buuuut i forgot. 
o well. here she is in all her chester glory with 17 sweaters and what not!
(as you can tell, im still very much in love with the ABM app!) 
10} dinner in san diego this saturday!
i love hodads
soooo good!
apparently since the last time i visited (2008) they have opened 2 more locations. 
ill always stick to the original one!
im sad that they redid the bathrooms though. 
when i went with the girls, we had all written our names on the wall. 
while i knew they would no longer be there (i mean c'mon 5 years!) i didnt expect the walls to be painted all black. 

my cousin josh is finally down here from Oregon and were about to go visit her!
eeek cant wait!

this week should have a little more content!
thanks for reading
love you all!!!! :*

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