Merry Christmas 2013 ♥

new years eve eve and here i am. barely posting the Christmas pictures. 
work has been hectic and all i want to do is sleep!

here are some pictures from our Christmas this year. enjoy! (:
our big fluffy 2013 tree!
(present-less at the moment!)
my brother!
last year i went all out on him and spent like $300 at zumies only to have him exchange everything! gggrrr. 
this year, after he blew up his battery, i caved in and got him an iphone! only because it was $0 down. i told him that was his one and only present for like the next 7 years!
so for christmas because i only bought him 3 sweaters and some chonies, i decided, since teeeeeechnically the phone was an early xmas gift, that i would wrap it up for him so he could open it and i could have a good laugh. 
so of course before we head to gramas house, he decides to get antsy with the whole "lets open one present" deal. so i was thinking okay....and hoooping he would get the phone box! 
to my surprise, thats the one he had in his hand! 
so i told him that since he already had it in his hand he HAD to open it. no picking another gift. 
so he opens it and see's the box and he got mad!!! (score!)
the above picture is him throwing the box on the sofa!
theeen! my mom comes along and shes like "you shouldnt throw the box! what if there's something in there!?"
my brother gets excited, picks it up and gets let down!
go mom!
ezra giving everyone kisses!
which was weird because this kid does not let anyone hold him!
big chris & baby chris!
ahhh!!! what a cutie!!!
after grama's we came home and opened up presents!
my sister is the one that came up on the most this year.
(you can see the tree is all dead now! :( )
"because turkey is better than twerkin! :D"
my brother wanted these $17 socks of some chick twerking!
they were pretty cool but shipping was like $15. uhm...NO THANKS
so on a trip to target i had seen these turkey socks and boom! 
and the note! how classic!
he was laughing so hard! and he actually saved it too!!! (how cute!...although im sure its in the trash now!)
i've been wanting to get tess a bathrobe for the longest for her bday but for some reason i was never able to find any at target around her bday in September so my sister stole my idea and got her this awesome adventure time one!
(too bad we didnt see the belt was missing! -.-)
she also got her an awesome batman phone case!
which is awesome because how often do you see a galaxy s3 case!?
i got my sis a sephora gift card!
tess got her some mac lipsticks (she's going through a make up phase!) and she wrapped em up like this!!!
i loooove it!
we had already stolen all the boxes outside (and that's saying something because amazon basically stores all their boxes at our house!)
i got these brushes at work for the white elephant xmas exchange so i wrapped em up and gave em to her because make up IS NOT my field. 
she was happy to say the least!
my mom and i had gone grocery shopping and all the cupcake mixes were $.99 so i bought her like 17 of em. as a gift i also bought her a cupcake holder because she was always buying those bakery boxes so as a joke i wrapped her 3 boxes and had her open that before the holder!
it was awesome!
my sister gave me this make up bag! (even though i was there when she bought it!) 
i already have a make up bag that im super attached too so im using this as my "purse" right now!
im over the large side bad because i always end up gathering junk no matter how often i clean it out and im always saying meow so this works out puuuuur-fectly! (hehehe!)
the next day mom gave us our gifts. 
tess, my sis and i all got uber warm blankets!
i just love how she wrapped it!
....then Sunday 12/29 i get home from work to see this!:( 
its dead and out! o well.
we did have it up since before thanksgiving so its safe to say that it lived as long as it could! im going to miss watering it all the time and now the living room is all huge!
i loooove real trees but this has me rethinking the whole fake tree deal!

Christmas was great!
and now new years (okay my birthday!!!) is up next! cant wait to see what 2014 brings!!!

thanks for reading! <3

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