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1. this is awesome! shoes based on exes!
this one has to be my favorite if only because of the name of it.
how eerie that its the same name as a main character in this book that i read! :o
(Rachael seems freaking scary as well!)
Holy smokes.....that easy!?

3. a picture...whaaaat!?
i love this picture of Shannon!
still a ways to go! <3
(original post)
4. Whaaaat!? i have died and gone to donut ornament heaven!

5. i love this
what a sweet little story!
although, me personally, i dont think i could have given up the house!

6. this is how you know im from california. 
it drops to 60 and im in my coat, scarf, gloves and pants. 
grace is over here in a dress, tights and a cardigan. 
i love it!

7. eye see you!
cute random wrapping paper

8. i've said it before and ill say it again!, but i truly admire Jen and her family!
they are just the cutest things out there!

8. oh Wendy, once again, you make me fall in love! (:

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