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1. 2014, I will re-do my bathroom and here are some ideas im diggin!


2. Probably one of the most honest posts about giving birth i've read in a while.
Consider me kid-less for another 5 (but her honesty!)


3. homemade libraries are the best! <3 cant wait to start mine.


4. What a cute little car! I'd commit to stick shift if this was mine!!!


Love your furry friends! ♥


6. hhmmm....i do have enough time to make one more wreath for the back door! :D

other things to be thankful for/ laugh about: 

it hasnt been a crazy week. pretty mellow!

i made a very good purchase last sunday and i am thankful that i have a job at all that allows me to purchase things like this! :)

its almost xmas // its almost my bday!

san diego safari zoo this weekend!

josh coming down! woohoo!!! mom being super excited about the phone i bought her.
so happy she forgave me for my big purchase! lol

its been a slow-ish week...hopefully it picks up soon!

thanks for reading!

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