Just a quick little hi! :)

like i have been mentioning since the last 2 posts, the family drove over to visit my cousin Josh and also have a house warming party for her brother Jorge (he's already been there 4 months! whaaat?). 

of course they had a little shindig, so we were all eating in the garage.
Little Ezrah was stealing everyone's bread and soda all over the place. 

i sat down with my cousin Roslyn and we were just talking about her school and what not (Go UCLA!)
and then her brother Edwin came along. 

he sat down and then he goes: 
"Leslie, I'm going to tell you something, but don't let it get to your head!" 
beating him to the punch i was like: "yes Edwin, i know I'm fat! ill work on it next year!" 
he laughs and says "no, Ceci (his beautiful wife!) reads your blog!" 

you best believe i blushed at that!!!! :)

he's like: "i walk in to the office and tell her to get off pinterest because you know she lives on there and she tells me that she's not on pinterest. she's actually reading your blog! last time she was on some DIY stuff you were making!" 

thanks Cess! <3 
it means a lot that you read! 

when i started this blog it was simply just to document what i read but along the lines it has developed in to a little bit more and while i dont expect this to blow up all crazy. its just nice to have a little, as they say, corner of the Internet that belongs to little ol' me!

and i just want to say thanks to my 6, yep you read right! (eeek!), 6 followers and my countless readers (because im getting views somehow!) and also, my family. 
the first post ever was just added as a link on my fb a few weeks after i started and friends and family have gone from there. 

so thanks for reading!
thanks for following!
thanks for viewing
and thanks for being awesome!

and Cess!, next time i see you im giving you a BIG hug! thanks for reading babe!!!
(edwin is BEYOND lucky to call you his wife!!!)


thank you, 

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thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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