Snapshot Sunday!

my sister bakes em and i pack em (and decorate the box!)
she made these for work!
thanksgiving feast at home! (:
my mom packed my plate like it was for my little brother and i proudly ate it all!!! 
this is moi looking like a girl ready for thxgvn at my gramas! (:
the few times youll catch me looking like a girl!
aaaand sorry, i know, im abusing the abm app but i cant be blamed i looove it
Chester having a very pensive moment on my shins!
and my brothers taco socks
we went xmas tree shopping for gladys and when we go to the lot all e wanted was the polar bear. 
when she asked him to take a picture he said no so i snatched him up and made him take a pic. 
i like how my legs look lol
my moms outside garden after a rainy night. i love how they light up at night (she put those solar power thingamabobers in em)
she just kills me! <3
proof that i dont cook. 
when i do a picture must be snapchatted to everyone. 
i dindt cook for the "record" i was just mashin' potatoes. 
this is what it looks like when i go in to work on a Saturday morning at 6 am. 
i LOVE bob's burgers. 
im not sure why i waited sooo long to catch it!
im glad i did though (hurry up netflix with season 3!!!) 
i started re-watching it at work on Saturday. 
this is the best screen capture ever!!!

its the last of the 4 day weekend so im going to go catch up on tv with my little brother and his awesome new smart flat screen tv. i want to see this family guy episode where brian dies.  :(

ill be back shortly with a this & that post and maaaybe a diy!
enjoy the rest of your weekend.

thanks for reading my loves! 

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