The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Authors Note:
This is not so much of an authors note as an authors reminder of what was printed in small type a few pages ago: This book is a work of fiction. I made it up
Neither novels nor their readers benefit from attempts to divine whether any facts hide in a story.Such efforts attack the very idea that made-up stories can matter, which is sort of the foundational assumption of our species. 
I appreciate your cooperation in this matter. 

that's when you know a story is about to be good!

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a thyroid cancer patient with mets in her lungs.
By the way she describes it, she doesn't have very long.
her mother has basically labeled her depressed so she makes her attend  Support Group.
Of all the people there, the one person she gets along with is Isaac, who has eye cancer.

Several weeks pass by until one day, the one day she begs her mom to let her stay, she meets Augustus Waters.
He stares at her intently and all she can think is what is that hot boy doing looking at me?
After the meeting they walk outside, sit down and talk when he takes out his box of cigarettes and Hazel flips out.His response is: "Its a metaphor you see; you put the killing thing between your teeth but you don't give it the power to do its killing."
When her moms shows up, Hazel lets her mom know she will be going to Augustus' to watch a movie.

Once there,  they both talk about their cancers, what they're like, what they like, hobbies and such.
This is where Hazel reveals to Gus that her favorite book is An Imperial Affection by Peter Van Houten.
source unknown.
Isn't this how we all really feel after a REALLY good book? no? just me?
oh man, you're missing out!

Its amazing what a book and its mystery can make happen.
Because of the books ending, Hazels has a lot of unanswered questions.
A lot of failed attempts and she hasnt been able to get a hold of PVH.
He moved to Amsterdam, has fallen of the face of the earth, has disappeared and he is completely off the grid no way to get in touch with him.

That is until Augustus does.

Hazels one and only wish is to meet with PVH to ask her questions but unfortunately she used her last Genies Wish (Make-a-Wish)  to go on a trip with her parents so Augustus surprises her and uses his wish to take them both.

The day of, the days there,  its all a good build up of the story.
Augustus and Hazel finally meet Peter Van Houten and it is not exactly what they were expecting.
After all the drama that they endured, they get taken to a tour of The Anne Frank Home by PVH's now ex assistant.
The events afterwards were a build up of everything that Hazel had wanted to avoid to spare Augustus' feelings buts its probably one of the best things ever considering the things to come. Not only that but isn't it funny how you try to avoid the hurt in someone only to have it turned on to you?

Before leaving to go home, Hazel discovers the truth and all of the changes coming her way.

What i love about this book is that in NO WAY did John Green set it up for a total fairy-tale.
He, in my opinion, keeps it clean and real.
He does not sugar coat it and give you that happy ending story just to make it happy.
He makes the story soooo good because he (-_-) keeps it real (yes in a story, does that make sense!? hence the face haha!)

In a way, hes kind of like PVH.
while he does end the story, you kind of feel like he doesn't, but he does! (i read a q & a after i was done and in the story, Hazel mentions that its not fair that PVH doesn't finish the story but she kind of understands and Augustus basically calls it crap. John Green states that he agrees, that a book is an agreement between a writer and a reader and it should be a finished product!, to which i agree, but what does that say when a reader doesn't finish a book?"  i know I'm guilty of not finishing at leeeast 2!)

i know I've stated some stuff, but i didn't reveal the good part (well i wouldn't call it good but you know what i mean!)

do yourself a favor and pick up this book and be ready to want to quote EVERYTHING!!!!
 i seriously loved it.
this is for sure a purchase I'm making

now if you want the spoiler!!!.....see below.  if not, AVOID!!! 

Augustus passes away. 
He had been cancer free for a year and months. 
The day of the trip, Hazel and her mom hear him tell his mother "it's my body!" 
Hazels mother knows the deal, Hazel doesn't find out until their last day in Amsterdam. 
The way it all slowly happens. well not slowly but the way John Green outlines his story plot. 
The guy in love with Hazel, the guy who seems so caring  and loving and sure and he's the one that dies. 

spoilers over!!!

Be Prepared to want to quote EVERYTHING in this book.
Its just that good.
I'm definitely a fan of John Green.
Looking for Alaska is next!

"My thoughts are stars I can't fathom in to constellations." - Augustus Water
" I fell in love the same way you fall asleep: Slowly, and then all at once." -Hazel Grace 

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