Snapshot Sunday [:

1] man do i luck out with license plates. I'm a no doubt lover too!!!
2] went hiking Monday. that was fun!
3] my first batch (the e took like 3 times) of 3-d printable letters! hop on over to and grab your own!
4]  my brother has me dying over this. my dad bought him a phone at best buy about 4 months ago. 3-4 days before the return date was up it messed up so i told him to get the receipt. he said he didn't have it he asked my sister and she didn't either. 2 days after the return exchange date expired, my sister found the receipt. in her room. the funny thing is, he was beyond mad at me! why I'm not sure. but i guess this is what inspired this organizing spree. haha!!! <3 
5] my new updated key chain!!! i HATE key chains so the fact that a) i want this and b) i was willing to spend $8 meant something. so i simplified and kept only my coachella thingamabob and my new Disney one. I'm SO sad. Oct 13 is just around the corner! :(
6] I've seen gallery walls (is that what they re called?) everywhere and i guess i can say I've always wanted one but i had this going on since before i knew to do that! haha. i had this going on and i didn't even know. 
7] all i ever want to eat is soup. i don't care about the time, day, season or weather. even during summer. 
so this week when i got sick i bought myself some Pho! <3 yumminess all around
8] bought this lil dude at Target for $2. Peter is his name. i loooove this season. once august hits I'm in heaven. i love the holidays!
9] Saturday i woke up at 8 am. i did everything i do on my Sunday's (clean, wash, get ready for the week ahead) by noon i had done all that and some arts and i made this phone cover for my sister! I'm jelly i really like how this one came out!
10] wooohoo!!! Target has buy 1 get the other 1/2 on women's shoes. i ONLY wear flats. my religion is against heels. if jesus wanted me tall, he would've made me tall. haha. i needed new flats so this was a sweet deal. I'd seen these before but I'm so glad i decided to wait!
"good things come to those who wait" 
(in sales anyways!)

since all my stuff got done yesterday, off to six flags i go! 
have a good Sunday ya'll! <3

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