Safe Haven [Book vs. Movie]

This wasnt my intentional first post about a book ive read but because I finally saw the movie and its still fresh in my mind I decided hey why not.
So this will be a first of my Book vs. Movie.
I first read Safe Haven because I saw the book on sale at TJ Maxx for $3.
i've only read one other Nicholas Spark book, Dear John, and I saw the movie as well. Besides the basic point of the story, i hardly remember what its about but i do remember that i was disappointed in the movie.
Mostly because there was a kid in there that in the book was his son and in the movie it was his brother and it totally changed everything. Or vice versa. (see what i mean! HORRIBLE MEMORY!....all the more reason for this blog!)
Any who, Y E S!!!, i know that books and movies will never be the same and in my opinion books will always be better, but geesh!
Although, there are books out there with great movies.
I LOVED the Perks of Being a Wallflower & Life of Pi. I've yet to read the books so when I get to those i'll write about the experience and see how and why i liked the movie (if so) better!
Ok, so back to my point. Safe Haven.
i loved the book. i read it from 4/6-12/2013.
it was very detailed and although its a "sad" story in the sense of the story line, i loved the direction in which he took the story.
The book begins with Katie working, serving her clients at the restaurant she works in.
It talks about her struggles and he conveys her in a very shy way.
Through out the book she is very guarded. She is very selective with who she lets in to her life.
Katie has ran away from her home due to her violent husband. While it has happened several times, she has finally had enough and like Katie Holmes, she had planned an elaborate escape. Very well thought out.
From her new identity to her back up story even though she gets found out little by little by Alex, the small store owner in South Port where Katie ends up deciding to start her life over.
She ends up at his store (because he's the only one close enough in town to provide her with her needs) buying her simple basics. I believe rice, beans, water and other small items.
always the same.
Long story short, her husband is on the run looking for her because he believes that she is his property and she is to do as she says and even though he did promise to stop abusing her, he is now seeking vengeance for leaving him to "lay with another man." He eventually ends up finding her on total accident due to their front yard's neighbors daughter inviting "Katie" over for her mother's funeral. She then reveals critical information that is very useful to Kevin, her husband, in finding her whereabouts.
Kevin finds Katie and ends up causing havoc to the small little town of South Port. Drama that kept me up at night because I did not want to go to bed without knowing what happened.
Without giving too much away, I will describe the movie which will in NO way kill the book for you because they are so different.
The movie starts off showing Katie running away after having stabbed her husband. she then heads to the neighbor's house to ask for help in running away.
The next scene they show her boarding a bus and within like 2 seconds of boarding her husband is searching all the buses leaving which I was like huh? Since she had just stabbed him (correct me if I'm wrong. I m not sure if time had passed! Although im sure it hadnt.)
She gets a job, meets/falls in love with Alex. 
She doesn't play hard to break, she does everything opposite of what she's like in the book, she gets found and (SPOILER!!!!!!) her husband dies. Although he does does die, its waaaaay more dramatic in the book. Better.
I didn't wana to say much although I feel like I did but then I didn't.
But read the book!
If you're in to drama love stories this is definitely a good read!
Enjoy! =]

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