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I can sometimes manage to sneak in a few minutes every other other hour at work and browse the web. 
there are a few of the pictures Ive found that i LOVE.

i just absolutely LOVE how she looks here.
i CANNOT wait to FINALLY see Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & the gang in December!
neat idea. kinda quick DIY. will do around the officer for v-day 14!
I'm not quite sure where in the interwebs i found this.
i do know that its Jennifer Schesinger here nor there 1, 201. 
i believe it was pinterest. 

that guy from that one show you know.....on abc after PLL.
i think he looks handsome here and the 3d effect! ;)
this is back when i used to go on perez all the time

pinterest. this is kind of really inspiring.  (sorry for the blurriness)

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

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