Snapshot Sunday ♥

1. we finally got a printer!!! :D grown up things! I'm just waiting for a few points and I'm getting my Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet and I'm set for business! ( i keep trying to call it a wamboo table.)
2) i went to Syrups in DTLA and this was one of their displays. i fell in love! 
3) here's what i had. i have no idea what its called. i let a friend order for me since he'd been there before. 
4) i had seen this mural being drawn through facebook in the Downtown LA Artwalk page. when i saw this in person i totally geeked out and started taking pictures. i found it sooo awesome! this was right in front of Syrups
5) every day i leave for work i always give the inside babies a kiss. this is how i found Chester. all wrapped up under my mom's blanket. 
6) after being blocked since June from Disneyland i finally went back. i love this place. its sooo beautiful and magical and i am just in love. i was able to get a pass last year and I'm almost about to be done. i feel like ive missed so much to do there and I'm a little torn since i don't think ill be renewing and that breaks my heart! :(
7) i want to say beauty and the beast is my favorite Disney movie so when i saw this puzzle i HAD to buy it. this is actually my second puzzle by Thomas Kinkade and i saw a bunch of his work on sale at the LA Fair this weekend. i want it all. 
i also found another set of 4 for sale. I'm definitely going back for them.   
8) me and baby E in line for Pirates. he was "scared" so i was holding him. later on he kept beating me up with his Buzz Lightyear toy! lol
9) i love bocea pictures. (thanks for introducing me to the term Henry.) this is a picture of the Tea Pots ride for Alice & Wonderland. 
10) a simple selfie. i hate taking selfies. its rare that a. take one and b. actually like it. 

have a happy Sunday! 

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