1 and 2 and 3.

1. [Taking sis to school]
Me: "I wore your glasses yesterday when I went hiking it was cool." I put the glasses back on. "How do I look?"
Sis: "you look beautiful!" (Laughing)
Me: "don't make fun of me b***h."
She just continues to laughs at me and sing applause by Lady Gaga.

2. I bought my brother an iphone because his phone was beat! (I got him the 4 because he ain't worthy of anything fancy & its was $0 down!) I told him if he wanted to keep it he had to keep a cover on it. At. All. Times!
So today we go pick up my sis and I yell at him about the cover and to shut me up: "bro, its not you. Its the sickness. Its okay." Then "drake the kinda dude that when he plays pokemon and it evolves he goes "man, I thought you'd never change. :("

3. [On tv]
A fifa commercial comes on and my sis goes "I heard men are going extinct"
I'm beyond sick so I was seriously shocked,  not sure what I heard, you know, since every day there's a new thing going extinct.
"Yea, grand theft auto five just came out. Fifa's coming out. Call of duty 12 is out. They're nowhere to be found!"
Its true.
We should release a new game every other week.
My brother just got it and he already passed it but for those few days...there was peace at home.

(This was yesterday.  I'm barely posting it today because I passed out sick. I'm at home right now watching bobs burgers.  I ♥ that show!)

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