Its 1:52 am and all I want to do is sleep since I have work at, well I gots to be at work by no later than 730 but my mom's is watching her tv and won'!
Mom: "did you sleep all day or What?"
Me: "no. I've been out all day. I told u earlier.  no one ever pays attention to meee!!!!"
Mom: "but why did you go out!?  I didn't give you permission when we talked today!"
Me: "mom we didn't talk today though."
Mom: "telepathically I did though!"
"You never no listen!"
(All in spanish)
The same lady that was okay with my 15 year old brother being out at like 1am as long as she knew who won the fight.
I'm 25.
Ill be back if I wake up with another bday post for Rae! (:
My mother just looked over the pillow and said "hellooooo.....why are you still awake?"
Gee, I wonder why.
U P D A T E:
she wakes me up to show me her nails.
The she leaves to her room and says good night to me. She gets mad when I don't reply.
Ill leave you with a picture.
She said everyone at work asked her who did her nails.
She said it was her crazy daughter.
I'm the crazy one.

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