Snapshot Sunday {9.8.13}

1-2} we got the dogs a pool and well Chester wasn't very happy about it! meanwhile Jack & Leila are happy about their new water bowl! 
3} movie night with Jaydeen & Andy. here she is with her 2 greatest loves in life. Wine and M&M's.
4} i got my brother an iPhone because he was literally holding his old phone together with tape .
5} chonch in front of the fan. livin the life!
6} one of life's greatest mystery! i NEVER want to open it on the chocolate side. i want that side last! that's the first side i got! -.-
7} took chonch out on a play date with Jaydeen's dog. i ended up carrying chonch like 90% of the way! meanwhile Casper had a blast and he slept the whole night.
8} postalpix!!!! i LOVE my prints. cant wait to start my project! so many ideas! :D
9} i loooove reading Wendy's lookbook. she recently released her first digital glossy magazine. this is one of the purses she uses and i instantly fell in love with it. i then saw the price, the SALE price. i came back to earth! 
10} i finally saw We Are The Millers. highlarious! im glad i decided to finally go by myself after everyone lagged.  definitely catch it! 

have a great week ahead! 

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