The Fight.

I'm probably one of the few that didn't see the fight.

If It ain't books or one of my shows or basically anything other than, I don't care for it.
Two men getting paid to beat eachother up?
Not my thing.
(Mostly because I can't stan blood and all the ahhh of it!)

Any who,  my brother went to his friends house to see the fight and as of now its 1241.
My mom comes up to me and she says: "call tony. Its too late. This is way past his curfew!"

I call him up, he answers right away and in my head I'm like: "yus! Whooping time!"

Mom: "now? Okay. Who won? Oh no he lost! How sad! I wanted him to win!"  (All this in spanish)

Way to lecture him for being out late moms! -.-

I also feel like my nails going to fall off.
I was trying to prevent my sister from cutting her bangs because you know how that goes and well I got my finger smashed.  Because I tried to stop her from messing up her hair.

Happy weekend everybody. 

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