A Beautiful Mess - A Photo Idea Book

I have been an avid A Beautiful Mess reader since I discovered the lovely gals I believe through Anne the Adventurer .
Elsie and Emma run their own business from their own blog that includes DIY's, yummy recipes, sister styles and many more ideas, several collaborations, a clothing line, their own app and now their own books (the second book I believe to be out Summer 2014.)

I was ecstatic when I read they were going to be releasing their own book which of course meant that their own personal line at RedVelvet was to be put on hold.

Originally the gals were not looking to write a book on photography but that is where their deal lead them so they have now released A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book 95 Inspiring Ideas.

Now if your a photographer, you're probably thinking, "What can these gals teach me that I don't already know?!"
Well guess what? Probably a lot!

I've always wanted to buy a fancy camera but because I know so little I've been afraid to take the plunge. What I love about these gals is that not only do they give you professional camera advice, they also give a lot of great tips that we can use on our own phones. Which is a good idea because lets face it, we are living in an era where about 90% of the pictures we take end up on Instagram, Facebook, blogs and many other sites.

From backdrops, to lighting, to props and how to style your shoots, these ladies give AMAZING tips!
Its amazing how something can seem so simple and you think to yourself "hey!, this is easy I can totally do this!" but yet, it took you a read to realize that you actually could.
This is what this book does for you the reader!

1. Capture Your Favorite People
2. Add Backdrops & Props
3. Use Beautiful Lighting
4. Get Creative
5. Get Inspired
6. Capture Yourself
7. Challenge Yourself
8. Show Off Your Pictures

I was blown away by the advice and their tips.
The advice on how to display your pictures was awesome.
Many of us take pictures and save them but that's as far as we go.
I know there are times when I go through my phone and I'm like "I forgot about this picture" and then I recollect all the memories.

I only wish this book was written in their perspective.
Meaning, I wish they would've written it and spoken in it as if they were the ones talking in them (does this make sense?)
They talk in 3rd person as in "Elsie & Emma think this is a good way to display your photos." instead of "Elsie and I or Emma & I."

As I was reading their book i came across a foot note and its said: "Elsie and our mother have always loved painting."
I was wondering whose Our?
I know they have a brother Darren but I'm not sure if that's who they were talking about.
Also, I know I'm not a professional writer but wouldn't have "Our mother has always loved painting" made a little bit more sense?

Any who, I absolutely loved this book and you best believe I will take their advice and will display pictures
using their great ideas!

Pick up their book HERE.
IPhone users grab their app at the app store (droid users...the wait has been F O R E V E R........but hopefully my mid Oct. well FINALLY have it.
And last but not least don't forget to catch them on their blog.
Emma has been sharing her wedding details lately and yummy recipe's and Elsie has a lot of cute DIY's and other things.
They also share a lot more ideas on how and what to do with your pictures!

Take a peek, purchase the book and be prepared to fall in love!

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