if you have a brother, boyfriend,  husband, anyone basically who's REALLY in to gaming than you are aware that Grand Theft Auto 5 was just released and well, where'd all the guys (and gals) go?

i took my brother to school yesterday super early because i had to be at work early to decorate for Rae's birthday so i told him to call his friend and I'd drop him off so they could go to school together when it was time.
Tuesday came around and my brother told me to just take him to school because his friend wasn't going to go to school.

Gee, I wonder why.

today on the way to school i don't know how, but his friend Freddy came up and i was like: "dude wheres Freddy beiber?"
bro: "i don't know probably at home. playing gta5"
(it was like 730 and school starts at 8 and we both live on the same block not close to school)
me: "you guys and your games! i swear!"
bro: "i know. i don't know what life is anymore!!!"

i wasn't aware it was that serious.
I'm not a huge gamer.
the one thing i was addicted too was The Simpson's tapped out.
man was i hooked!
this is me trying to attempt to play.
it just doesn't work. haha!
come to think of it, i dont even think this the right meme for the game...
but it still explains my life trying to play video games.
if it ain't Spyro, count me out!

in other news:
new Jack Johnson.
eeeek!!!! :]

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