new bed!

my new frame.
 i love it!!!!
i painted the frame with black chalkboard paint. im not sure that ill write on it
but i had painted a pink i was NOT happy about.
i'm definitely in love with the way it looks now! (:

practically all of my life, i have lived in an apartment so when we moved in to our house about 3-4 years ago i was beyond excited to get my own room.
its been i wouldn't call it an on going process because its only one room for me to decorate to my style and well there's only so much you can do to it far as my bed, well that's another story.

I'm a huge fan of ikea.
with that being said i saw this bed frame on sale for $40.
S C O R E!

the before (underneath: a drawer from another ikea dresser. im still using it but now its not visible!)
gorilla glue and bungee cords. odd i know, but hey! it held up my bed for a loooong while

I'm not sure about you but i do hear people give Ikea a bad rap because things don't usually stand the test of time.
in my case, everything that i have built is still standing!
my bookcases, my storage cart and my dresser are all still alive!!!

when i bought this frame my "roommate" bought hers as well but mine was built first so it was as you can call it a trial and error kind of thing.
hers is still going strong and mine is in dead ikea furniture heaven.

literally, the next day after it was built it broke.
i glued it with gorilla glue and held it together with bungee cords and even screwed on extra pieces of plywood. (i'd done all this before i called ikea about an fault, i was late.)

i had been saying that i was going to buy a new frame and all this and i never got to it UNTIL! my mom bought one of those outside houses for storage and the guy who helps her around the house built her a bottom frame to keep water away.


a bell went off and i hired him to build me my frame and TA-DA! i got my new bed frame! (:
the awesome thing is that underneath, my mattress it is being held up by plywood so i can lift it up and have extra storage!!!!
i looove it.

this can be a simple diy if you know what you are doing.
i had to ask my moms guy to build it for me because a) i don't have the tools to cut and put together & b) my mom doesn't let me play with power tools since i don't have insurance! LOL i know. dork!

but anyways i  just wanted to share my little "new bed frame" story!

i saw several ideas with cinder blocks, pallets and milk crates but in the end this is what worked for me.
if you don't have a regular bed frame, what are you using?
let me know.


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