Happy Birthday Rae!

happy birthday Rae!
 (okay, before i start this post, i want to state that the picture above was "made" (decorated) with Photoshop. this is my first one.EVER. i know, all the professional photoshop-ers are going to be laughing out loud! its okay, i hope to get better and then, months from now, i can look back and join everyone that laughed at this, because come on, it is pretty beginner-ish! i love it. anywho....)

Happy Birthday Rae!

Virginia  & I set up her office and decked it all out! i made her a candy cake (basket kind of thing) with her favorite candies and we put up balloons and signs for her. 
the night before i had gone to Syrups in Downtown LA and i got her a strawberry shortcake from there. i wonder if it was good. 
she's a HUGE foodie! but bacon is her to go food so when we found an iphone 4 case for her that said i <3 bacon and had the heart made of bacon print it was a total win! 

heres a few pictures. 
one for the books! (: 

the candy cake basket i made her!
(i also made her the gumball necklace in the first picture)
you can buy these at the store.
but homemade allows you to add details.
and its cheaper

i have a few more bdays around the corner
lets see what i can come up with.
have a good night (:

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