Snapshot sunday {9.15}

(1-6 were edited with Pixlr-o-matic. how did i go so looong without this app?!)

1-2} random art on a walk home from work on Wednesday 9/11. 
"kiss & stop the time!" & isn't that the famous Simpson's fish? i love random art! (: 
3} me & jaydeen at HARD summer. I'm sure I've posted this picture already but i just love this edited version. 
4} breakfast with my little brother <3
5} on that same walk home, i saw this carved on the floor. random i know but i liked it. (don't mind my socks. i was going for comfort not style...then again when do ?)
6} went to go have dinner with my sister and i stumbled upon this! Los Angeles <3
7} i have NEVER seen star wars... i know. but i looove this shirt. and Halloween. eeeks!
8} vanity plate on my walk home. i have luck with these i ALWAYS SEE them. i snapped this because it reminds me of my friend Hector. 
9} i do agree. sweetest comeback ever. took me 2 days to eat these. 
10} who doesn't love misspelled words?? i do!!!! the top one i found at work. why are your friends doing life? the bottom one (look at the arrow) was an article on line talking about credit report. mmmhmmm  (watch me misspell everything from now on! -.-)

hope you had a great weekend!

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