i added the font!

Its finally October!!!!!
i love this month. 
i love Halloween!
i love that it leads to thanksgiving (thinking of Tessie's turkey sandwiches!) 
the birthdays that are in this month. 
but over all i just love the feel of it!
i love watching Halloweentown on the Disney Channel. 
wouldn't it be awesome if it was like that all the time? 

yesterday, after having made a scrapbook for myself the day before and  having saved all the extra bits and pieces of paper, i decided to make myself a Happy Halloween banner (i had also seen one on instagram and decided, why buy when you can make?! also, all the ones i found on etsy were like $20+.)

recently made before i decorated it. 
the after! 
believe it or not i saved the spiderweb and other spider/pumpkin decorations from last year! ;)

i cant wait to finish decorating the outside!
this is currently inside in our living room, that you can see clearly from the outside. 
originally, i was going to tape it to the window but i figured they open and close them all the time. i didn't want them messing up my beautiful artwork! :) (lol just kidding!) 

Once i do the rest ill post an updated picture! 
i cant wait!!!

Happy Month of October y'all!!


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