Nick Hexum {10.13.13}

Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA
i was invited by my friend Eva to go see Nick Hexum perform.
my first thought was...what about the rest of 311? (shes a HUGE 311 fan!) 

turns out dudes gone solo! erm, well another band. 

tickets were $20 so of course i was game. 
how do you say no? 
specially if you know the dude from other stuff and this being his first solo gig is at suuuch a good price!? 

turns out he's in The Nick Hexum Quintet!
woot woot!

now i know i said The Fonda & El Rey were pretty good venues because of how up close you can get and i mean they are BUT holy tamale ( i hate tamales! another leslie fact!) THIS WAS CLOSER than any other venue ive ever been too!

they played at The Hotel Cafe
they were scheduled to go on at 7 and even though we didnt get there til 730 we were in luck because they didnt go on until 8. 

now when i say we were up close and personal i mean like CTLHOISSE (see what i did there! thisclose!!! all in one!!) (its 130am its past my bed time im sleepy as heck!) okay but seriously at the fonda and el rey they usually have the stage about a hundred feet in between (not really) with security and then some sort of something blocking you from getting closer and then boom first row. 

nope, at hotel cafe we could literally touch the piano, the saxophone, the guy playing the instruments himself, Mr. Zack Hexum!
Eva nearly had a heart attack. 
i dont think she knew we were going to be THAT close. 

i took several, okay, a lot of pictures, but only because out of 100 randoms 2-3 will come out great!
i got a few and im here to share! :)

uhm, SWOON!!!!

3/5ths of the band, i couldnt get the pianist nor the drummer! :( 
drummer was way to the left in the back in the dark and the pianist was waaaay to the right. too far!

before the show started Eva was saying that she was hoping to meet him and this girl in front of us was like "hes a total dick! every time i've meet him he's been such an a-hole!"

in my head i was like...."(cricket noise) but yet here you are stalking him!"
once he came out, i mean i took pictures but this girl was all up on him. i think she said she took a lil close to 400 pictures!
i mean i guess, i did that for Red Hot Chili Peppers (more on that coming soon!)  so i guess i can understand? but see i didnt zoom in and saw what they had for lunch and what not. 

any who, at the end of the show, i tried getting eva the set list to no avail! :( 

BUT i did get a drum stick! (that i no longer have :( lol but thats another story!) 
that girl got his water bottle and his rag towel.....a liiiitle bit too much. 
but hey! to each their own. 

once the show was over we waited outside hoping to see him. 
no dice. 

UNTIL!!!! i went back inside (by then Eva had bought his cd already which i regret not having bought then!)  and BOOM! i founds him!

eva got her signature and had like 35 mini heart attacks. 

and i got thiiiis picture!!!!


girl!, you might have left with his (by now) moldy towel but i met him and he "hugged" me and ahh!!
im excited but NOT as excited as Eva was. 
i love seeing people as happy as she was. 

do yo'self a favor and get their album or stream it on Spotify!
they remind me of an early Jack Johnson kind of sound/vibe and oh!, so good!!!
so far my fave (besides the whole album) are: Somewhere in the middle, Sideways, You'll do it again & basically every track! 

here's to falling asleep listening to the album and to hoping i catch them again!

thank you for reading, have a good weekend and have a good night!


  1. beautiful post!

    1. thank you!

      you are the first person to ever comment on any of my posts!
      i will forever remember this! (:

      thank you for taking the time to read!
      <3 -les

      ps. catch them if you ever have the chance!


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