Snapshot Sunday! {10.27}

im excited because i just got my very first EVER comment on my blog!
i know, im a dork but its the little milestones, no matter how small,  that count!
(its on my Nick Hexum post just in case you wanted to look in to it!)

here's my weekly Sunday pictures!

lets try it a little different this time! (:

someone got a new toy. 
im wondering if its still alive. 
they never usually last. 
i took her to Lucille's for her bday. 
apparently that was not enough. 
she wanted to sushi and she went to town. 
hunting the jungles of Ikea. 
looking for some more pineapple trees. 
after last weekends shenanigans, i was beyond thirsty in the morning. 
i NEVER go to starucks. $4 for a cup of tea? no thanks. 
i guess it was that serious. 
(also, my sister treated me to a mani/pedi! what a sweetheart!) 
dinner date with my mom and sis. 
im 25 years old. 
we've been coming to this restaurant since i was in my moms stomach. 
i love this place. 
my friend Jesabelle sent me a snapchat of this drawing she made and i instantly messaged her that i wanted it. i told her id pay her and she said that i could have it for free. 
whats even cuter, in the back she wrote: " Leslie, i love you as much as four hearts can love. :)" 
if youre a good hearted loving human, thats A LOT of love. 
i love you too Jess and like i told you, ill gladly take all your paintings for my wall! (: 
my sister dragged me to some woman's expo thing this Saturday at the convention center. 
ill admit i didn't want to go buuut as soon as i got there i was having a blast. 
the first stop, a sewing corner. 
i got to sew my very first bag all on my own! (: 
i can sew the crap out of anything by hand but by machine; no dice. 
then i sewed my sisters and oh man, what a joke! 
the second stop was some make up thing. 
she was in her element and i was not having it. 
they did our make up for free. 
my first thought was: member the Simpson's episode where Homer makes 3 inventions and he makes the make up gun? 
"Sorry Marge, i have it set to whore."
im NOT a fan of make up. 
we also saw a couple of celebrity speakers. 
this is Doris(?) im not sure of her name. 
but she's the grama in Raising Hope. 
and Beerfest!!!! (right) yeaaaah!!!
the chick on the left looks familiar too, but i cant think of her name. 
we also caught some real housewives of somewhere that i didn't care for. 
i LOVE chapstick! 
like a lot. 
dish network was trying to sign me over to em. 
i took all their walking dead chapsticks they had available. 

and finally!...
movie date night with the Mr. (: 
i've been wanting to catch this for a few years but never got around to it. 
i guess its a good thing because it was the 20th year anniversary. 
Tim Burton has done many a great things but this is amazing. 
i love that man for this!
it was also fun to have date night with my guy. 

thank you for taking the time to read! (: 
im in a jolly good mood! 
have a good rest of your Sunday and  a good upcoming week

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