Happy {early} Halloween

its time for another edition of get to know Les......just kidding!

but you should know that i am terrified of scary movies.
im 25 and i've yet to see The Exorcist.

i guess it sucks that im scared of scary movies because they are the perfect Halloween staple but hey.
you cant win em all.

plus who says Halloween always has to be so gory!?

we've lived at home now 4 four years and we've never handed out candy nor decorated.
so this year we and by we i mean ME (bc i did all the decorations!) decided to change things up a bit!

i didnt go to crazy outside because well, i dont know.
i just figured i should keep it simple.
there are still some things i want to add but i'll probably get to that this weekend.

i do have pumpkins, however, i did not carve any because i want my pumpkins to last long this time around. also,  im a sucker for small pumpkins which are too small to carve.

any who, here are a few pictures of the house!


who says pumpkins all have to be carved!
get any pumpkins of your choice, cover the top with triple thick (or however you want to design them) and sprinkle away. 
do this outside though (or VERY carefully!), glitter will get everywhere!

the hallway entrance (it has since changed. my mother cant make up her mind!)

the outside signs my mom bought. shes just going with the holidays. 
she has different signs since shes working on her garden.
i made little ghosts out of fabric that my friend gave me. 
i hung them outside on a hanger on our light. 
i didnt want to tape them up for fear of them being blown down. 
This weather is crazy! 
but everyone that has seen them so far LOVES them! 
the outside pumpkins. 
i printed a cat stencil and just outlined it with chalk paint so you can actually write on that. 
the happy halloween sign was free handed kind of too match the sign i have inside. 
ive posted this before, but this is my homemade Halloween sign! (: 
i love it. 
the hands and spiders were purchased last year at Michael's. 
theyre from Martha Stewart.
 the end result Glitter Pumpkins!
my mom LOVES the way they came out. 
i hope they last through out Christmas!
 love the way these came out! <3
and of course i had to have one at work!

just an FYI:
last year i painted the pumpkins with a black sharpie and they were fine.
for a few days.
afterwards the painted part started drying up and wrinkly.
i saw THIS diy where she used a different kind of sharpie but because of the price and history i didnt want to chance it.
so instead i used Craft Paint.

for the Halloween pumpkin its still holding up but the little letter tummies (the A, P & O) are sinking in. everything else is holding up fine.

the cat pumpkin was done with chalk paint.
that one has suuuunk in.
im considering just carving that one! :(
i did go over it several times so maybe thats why.

all my white pumpkins that were painted with craft paint are still holding up like champs!!!
they have not sunk in at all and they are not wrinkling up at all!

maybe next year whites will be painted and oranges will be carved!

thanks for reading!

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