Snapshot Sunday {10.20}

1} I finally hung up my bobs burger prints! :D on a side note, yes I know they're not in the center....but geesh! I didn't know how hard it was! -.- yes make fun of me.
2} Its a giant chair! I was amazed! In West Hollywood
3} growing up I lived in an apartment so anything that needed fixing.....landloooord! With that being said, I just found out what the holes at the top of latter are for.
All of 25 years later.
Make fun.
I was ecstatic when i found out.
4} its cold ladies and gentlemen. 
Chester let me cover him up. 
Without growling at me.
5} I want this print from IKEA.
6} target has cute stuff too! :)
7} they also have cute thank you cards.
On sale.
8} my halloween decorations at work! (:
9} a lil group of ghosts I made to hang as decor at home. 
Everyone loved em! 
10} current phone case by moi! Itching to make new ones! 
going to go see Nick from 311 with eva tonight.
Ill post on that soon.
also pix from andys birthday and Halloween decorations around the house coming soon! 

have a good rest of your weekend.

thanks for reading.
♥ - Les

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