Lianne La Havas

i am in love with this woman!
at work doing payroll and im listening to her music. 
something about it is so relaxing. 

3 things about me: i cant cook to save my life, i hate drinking wine (and mostly in general) & i LOVE the rain. 
with that being said, i wish i had a HUGE kitchen so i could be drinking a glass of wine while cooking listening to this album in the background while its raining and gloomy outside!
i mean, doesnt that sound amazing!??
Le Sigh. 
one day! 

i dont remember exactly how i found out about Lianne but i remember spotifying her album on repeat for weeks on end. 
thats me; i find an album i like and ill listen to it to until i can take no more. 
safe to say this one is still strong! 
every time i play my Spotify on shuffle and she comes up, its an instant pick up!

i searched her name through ticketmaster and saw she had a show at El Rey Theather. 
if your from LA  you know not to miss your fave band at this venue or The Fonda. 
they are so small that if you are there on time you will definitely get to the front. which is where i was at of course! :D

at the moment of me discovering her i only knew one other soul that like her as much as i did,  my friend Jonathan. he said he didnt want to go because he wanted to catch The joy Formidable (which we did; 2 days after!!! more on that later) so i went to see her by myself.
after i posted the Marquee everyone was like why didnt you invite!?
uhm im sorry! i posted about it! i ain't guna beg no one!

by myself!
and i loved it!
you better believe i got upfront and sang my lungs out with her!
im beyond comfortable doing things by myself. i think at times i prefer it actually.
and i was DEFINITELY not going to miss this beauty because i had no one to go with.
(like beyonce, myself & i....haha just keeeding!)

it was definitely a good show and im glad i went.
i loved her performance to pieces.
if her show had not been sold out the 2nd day, i definitely would have gone again!

its like she's looking right at me! ahhh!!!!

could i have taken any more pictures!? 
i wish!
she was a total sweetheart!
if you happen to follow her on IG on one of her pictures i come out to the right of the mic. 
you better believe i geeked out at that!

if you ever have the chance to catch her, do yourself the favor and go!
you wont regret it. 
if you do yourw weird but i guess ill buy you a donut to make up for it. 
catch her on Spotify. you can stream the album for free as long as your on a computer. 

thanks for reading!

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