Happy Birthday Andy! {10.20}

happy birthday Andres! <3

to celebrate we headed to West Hollywood and i KNOW it was his birthday but i swear i was in heaven and it was Christmas for me!
Jaydeen, birthday boy Andy, moi & my caracol! (that means snail in spanish and her name is Carol...lol)

we ended up at another bar after our first (eleven) and josh was soooo hungry that he sat with some random girls after he noticed they had nachos and he gave them a sob story about how he was hungry. 
he got free food and we partied with some random girls!
 the girls & esteban or steven depends if youre feeling spanish or english!

dont mind my bra! -.- i was totally unaware! but its k. its west hollywood. i was NOT gaining attention showing it off. lol 
i first saw these guys going crazy dancing to Applause by Lady Gaga. 
i then saw their sweaters and HAD to ask for a picture. 
i was IN LOVE!
as soon as we walked in to the abbey we lost andy. 
of course we continued to party but we took an extra hour after closing time to find him. 
while standing around trying to get a hold him, the guy above me comes up to me and hes like "youre gorgeous honey, i love your outift." in my head i was like "NO! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!" 
i then asked to take a picture with him. 
i find his shirt ironic!
what does it mean!? lol 
think about it!
(like i said excuse my bra! -.-  at least its a sorta cute one lol!)
 this is erica, erika ericka, erik-uh. i dont know how you spell her name. i met her while looking for Andy also. she was with her roommate and he was currently serenading Jaydeen while i was taking pictures. 
she asked for a picture and she asked for me to take to take pics of her.
she was full on facebook posing these "what is the meaning of life", "im looking to my right looking all pensive", "im a model" looks. 
i admire her courage! 
 and then i snuck in a picture with her!

we, erm, i found andy around 3 am. 
turns out where we were waiting for him, he was right in front of us. 
like 20 steps away. 
he had just passed out on the bench so we couldnt see him. 

happy birthday once again babe. 

cant wait to see what next year brings for us! 

thank you for reading!

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