i figured since yesterday i posted about Lianne La Havas and i took it back to the beginning of this year, i should take it waaay back and post about  Kimbra at The Fonda October 2012.

now i know i saw i loved Lianne and dont get me wrong, i do, but Kimbra, now that woman has my heart!
ahhh how i love her!
i first heard Kimbra of course through Gotye and their uber famous song Somebody i used to know. 
i then kept hearing Cameo Lover (the remix) and Warrior at work (forever 21) and i finally put two and two together and boom!!!
the only reason i knew of this show is because i was listening to kroq online and they had said something along the lines of "check out our site for concert dates." stroke of luck Kimbra had a show Oct. 4, 2012. 
you KNOW i was there!

best believe i was upfront sucka!
unfortunately i had the crapiest of crappy phones at the moment so the pictures that were missed were probably the best ones! :( 
but that didnt stop me at all! 
no sir!
i took like a million pictures and i loooove them all! 
im surprised i havent printed them out yet. 
its okay, im working on my postalpix prints! 
(i love postalpix! 4x4 prints are a win!!!)

anywho here are a few pictures that i took! 
had i had my galaxy then, this would be a never ending post. 

not sure why the pictures are coming out like this.
they dont look blurry or grainy when i open them in my computer but for some reason uploaded on here its another story! :(
i could try and edit them on Photoshop buuuuuut i want this to get posted today. not 500 years from now.
haha. ill learn eventually.
i did find Picasa on the web and that looks way easier to use!

okay, so i went through all my pictures and these were my favorite ones.

i will forever catch her shows locally (or not) if i can.
the talent, the passion this woman has for singing.
and yes once again at The Fonda.
best night EVER.
im telling you, dont ever miss shows there.
i missed out on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for $20.
im still pissed over that!
of all the shows, concerts, whateves that ive been too this is by far and will always be my favorite! and i have seen some pretty darn good shows.
i know i said this yesterday about Lianne and how you shouldnt miss her but i mean this with Kimbra as well!
im upping my anti! 
if you go and you DONT like it for some weird reason, ill buy you two donuts!

i have a few more shows to post!
so stayed tuned. 

thanks a bunches for reading! 

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