Snapshot Sunday (10.6.13)


1} dinner with Andy & Jaydeen. (she took the picture) i always get on their case about being glued to their phones! in my defense, i was building a puzzle because she challenged me. 
2} probably one of my best investments!!! ive used this paper cutter to do all my arts and crafts from my sisters happy birthday banner to my happy halloween decoration! i tried getting this at Michael's but decided to wait until i could use my 40% discount. when i went back i bought it at 40% off (it came out to $13 & change)
3} speaking of! Ta-Da! the letters were made from black scratch paper i had. and i cut them out with my new cutter! the spiders and other designs were purchased last year at Michael's from the Martha Stewart line and i just saved them. RECYCLE!
4} Sunshine Edition cards from the Becky Higgins line. the box originally cost $27 & change. plus the book and the extra pockets. geesh! kinda pricey. not only that but i only have 4x4 pics and they start at 4x6 so when i saw on her instagram that the digital version was on sale i instantly checked it out. the sweet thing is when you print you can choose your size and how many you want! so i think this benefits you a whole lot more! plus i already started my scrapbook! :D
5} birthday  cake remix at coldstones! i dont bet money on games but ill bet food! thanks falcons for losing and patriots for winning! (then they lost this week! -.-
6} mom kicked Chester out of her room so i found him hiding in my blankets. 
7} okay so reason i was late for this post! i went to Disneyland!!! :D we went super early then i came home and crashed. It was my 2nd to last Sunday since my pass is expiring so i had to enjoy it! :(
when we got there we noticed a bunch of chalk art going on. turns out it was the chalk art festival! woohoo!! i love stuff like this!
8}the view from the Symphony Swings!
9} the monsters university display! eek! i love it!
10} we caught the Aladdin show (if ever in DCA and you happen to catch the times for the show, please watch it. the Genie is HILARIOUS! ive seen the show twice and he always steals it!) on the way to the top (mezzanine section) this was our view. this has easily got to be my top 3 fave rides here at DCA! 

sorry for the late post! sleep won the battle!
 heres one more! ;)
have a good morning, afternoon, night and rest of your week!

thanks for reading! (:

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