Justin Timberlake pt 2

like i said, a million pictures. 
im glad to get them up here because for some reason im antsy with having 1000 pictures on my phone. 
im not a fan of it. 
im weird, i knoow!

any who, guys! if you haven't, if you decided "im never going to go see this guy!" STOP being dumb!
this man is AMAZING. he can definitely put on a show!
ive seen him before this and i will see him again!
like i mentioned, we had really great seats (i know you cant tell by the pics but truuust me!)
here are a few pictures i managed to snap!
the beginning! 
(i forgot what song. curse you horrible memory!!!!!)

i just like how this looks!
future sex love sound!
he didnt have an opening act so it was all him. he started at 9 and i think at 1030 he had an intermission. 
when he came back he had this whole amazing light show going on. 
H O LY - S M O K E S !!!!
it was a-may-zah-zing!!!!
cry me a river
drink you away.
off his new album. 
i love that song. 
probably my fave next to cabaret which he also played!
tunnel vision
(duh les!)
blurry i know. 
but this is him taking a shot with us. 
"this one is for the City of Angels"
he came back for his encore with "sexy back" and ended the concert with "Mirrors" 
man, im still reeling!

there was this platform that halfway through the second half of the concert came towards us. so those last few pictures (yes they are zoomed in but still) are THAT close!
he was SOOOO close to us and he did a good chunk of performances there. 

im serious people! catch this man!
im not sure how i managed to score such sweet seats but it helped a lot that we were straight ahead facing him and that we had a concrete wall behind us so we didnt have to worry about anyone. although because of all my dancing i managed to hit the couple in front of me on the head each at different times. ooops! i apologized!

it was a great show. 
i cannot wait to catch him again!
{{sorry for the crappy phones pix, but even if i had a good camera its not like i would have been able to take it in!}}

i know its thanksgiving so thanks for reading guys! <3
have a great rest of your holiday!

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  1. He opened up with pusher love girl!


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