Justin Timberlake pt1 {11.26.13}

(o god, im the woohoo girl! -.-)

any who, we FINALLY went to see Justin Timberlake in concert (again).  Originally it was supposed to be Jaydeen, Danny & I but Dan has a grown up job that allows him to travel so he was in New York while we were stuck here in LA watching Justin (le sigh, we can't win them all!) 
so i gave the extra ticket to Gladys because she's a total babe, a dope ass mother and an awesome friend. 
who deserves it better!? 

here are some pictures of my rabbit looking face and my hot ass friends! (and a crap load of Justin on another post because you know, i took a million!!!!!!) 
my baby momma Gladys. 
WHAT a hottie! 
meanwhile i look like a rabbit! -.-
me // jay // gladys
Jay didnt want a drink (she was already hopped up on meds) so gladys gave her hers and she was like "here hold mine so you dont look like a loser!" ahhahahah i was laughing hard!!!
we got sweet seats!!! holy crap! 
i mean yes, i could be front row and yes i love you JT but $1,500....no zanks!
because i took a million pics im going to put up another post. 

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