Snapshot Sunday! ♥

Lets start with thiiis picture because:

1} i L O V E this time change!!!!! This is my "I get out of work at 5 pm" shot.
I wanted to start with this one because a) its  obviously Sunday buuut its 8 am and I'm WIDE awake! I was never a morning person and I feel that this time change is like BOOM! Now you are! I'm in the greatest of moods! (:
2} on my way to work one morning this week, I saw this on my neighbors car! I thought this was so cuuute. The only thing I've ever had left on my car besides parking tickets was a sign my cousin wrote me saying "we love you bitch!"  At the moment I saw it laying atop my car I was like "oh no!, another ticket...and at work! :(" lol
3} I'm addicted to this game. Like ADDICTED.
And to see that many thumbs up I was thinking......I need a life! :o
4} me and my baby boy Chester!  ♥ secretly and only because he can't human talk he's thinking "saaaave me!!!!"
5} in looove with my gallery wall.
Although. Im thinking of removing that chalkboard thing. Kinda feels odd there. The beauty of paint!  (:
6} a current diy for Dylan's birthday banner! ;) will post once done! ♡
7} I scored these little beauties at target for $3 a pop!!!! I saw THIS cuuute handbag that Elsie was using over at ABM and I FELL.IN.LOVE. so I went over to the limited and saw it for $30 so I was like okay ill get it ill spoil myself. Turns out I was looking at the wrong one. I went back and it was $50. I can NEVER justify spending that much so I gave up hopes and dreams. I then saw that it didn't have a zipper and I was like yus!!!! I hate clutches with no zippers....what If you drop it!? So that night I went to target and boom!
Cute for $3 #winning!
There's a silver lining in eve-ry-thang!! :D
8} but then I look at this picture and I'm like " I nowhere near scored like my cousin!" Haha u gota love flea markets out here! Target/walmart/everywhere else $12 each.
Flea markets sometimes even 5/$1!!!
9} someone broke in to zee trashcan while we were gone!!!! She gangbanged the crap out of it and her face was all suuuper guilty (and greasy looking) when we got home! Tsk tsk tsk
10} I will neeeeever get an iphone. NEVER. But these cases. Jesus! I loooove all iphone cases! These were so freaken cute! Specially the what I call "Lenon cat" one! Was going to get it for my brother but he wanted the outer space one and that one was for the 5. He has the 4 because #oldschool (and on sale at time of purchase.....which is the only reason I bought it for him!)
Aaaaaaaandddddd!!!!! Last but not least (I know I only do 10) (except that one time I was late and felt guilty so I posted an extra one!) But this is TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE!!!!

F I N A L L Y!!!!!!

I am going to go see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
and these are GA so I'm guessing the earlier I get there the hella close I can be!
If you follow either on IG you KNOW people line up like thee night before.
I missed em at the fonda and that's hella close so I am not giving up now!
This is my last show of 2013 so I'm going balls out. I'm going to have a blast.
I'm going to scream, I'm guna yell, dance, sing, jump, wave my hands in the air like I just don't care.
I'm guna be in heaven!

As you can tell I'm super hyped about it!

Eeek! Mk now I'm off to a morning hike!
Thanks for reading.

You my fren are THEE best!
Have a fantabulous rest of your weekend.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hugs and kisses to you all!  :D
♥-les! (:

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