eeek! my very 1st guest blog!

here is is!!!!

remember yesterday's let me geek out post?

well like i said,  lovely Ms. Joleen asked for guest bloggers and i decided to go for it.

now to me this whole blogging thing is kind've a big deal.
people you know read your stuff and i know this is me being dumb but i feel like either they like it or hate it and one way or another they're going to judge you!

(if i didn't make myself clear: you know when you watch all those "reality" shows? like jersey shore, the real world, anything on mtv and you think "what do you think you're doing? isn't your family watching this!?" ....yea that's kinda what i mean! haha)

...and i think to myself, this takes guts!
but I've been wanting to do this for a while so you know what!?
my name is Leslie hear me roar!!!
erm, or read my stuff! :)

okay that's over!

basically what im trying to say is: to me this takes guts and im glad im doing this!
no if's and or but's!

any who, head on over to Love Joleen to read my guest blog!!

I'm beyond excited!!!
(ps. she also commented on TWO of my posts so you bet i had a smile from ear to ear. i still do!)

to those who take the time to read...

T H A N K 
Y O U!!!!

i know its just a "blog" and its little ol' me but i truly appreciate it!

thanks again!!!!

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thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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