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1. i once went to Disneyland and i saw a little kid with THEE brightest neon yellow shirt that said: "hi! im on vacation & really excited, if i happen to get lost please call: # ***-***-****". 
i thought that was a neat idea. 
but if that kind of "loudness" isn't for you, you can also use this idea!

2. helllooooo 4th of July decoration ideas!!!

3. im diggin papermama!
i want to do this.
bears for everyone!!!! :D
(or other shapes!)

4. lets do some bookbinding!
Japanese Style!!!!

5. oohh lala.
glitter headbands.....why didn't i think of this.
looks really easy (messy!) to make!!!!

other things to be happy about:

-on my last snapshot sunday post i posted a picture about these $3 clutches or bags or whatever you wana call em that i got at target instead of the ACTUAL clutch i wanted.
i fell in love with Elsie's (ABM.COM) but it was $50. :(
i'd never spend that much on a bag.
then a little silver lining: the clutch i wanted did NOT have a zipper on it and to my clutches or bags without zippers are a no because what if you drop it?
i found an alternative but it was still $40 so no.
come Monday just to mess with my emotions, i decided to log back on and  shaaazaaam!!!
the alternative one (which i think is better now) was on sale.
40 % off!!!
with free shipping!!!!!!!!!!!
all in all i spent $20 on something that would have been $40-45 had i not waited.
sometimes patience is virtue!! :D
as you can tell i get happy easily!
i cant wait to get it!

-i know i said i loved the time change but its kicking my butt this week and its only Tuesday.
i need sleep! :(

- artwalk this Thursday!!!! :D

- its ethans birthday today and Dylan's on Saturday!

-last night in my sleep i head butted my mom. i just remember it happening and me apologizing and her looking at me weird.
im still laughing!

i think thats it!
im sure ill have more soon!

have a good rest of your day!
<3 - les

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