Thanksgiving 2013 ♥

(for this (pardon my french!) bitchin' app FINALLY being out for Droid!!! and the day before thanksgiving!? thanks ladies!) 

sentimental post #3!

woohoo thanksgiving is here and how quick was that? next up is christmas! i cannot wait! but okay back to this thankful holiday! 
theres a lot to be thankful about. 
you may not have it all; a brand new car, an awesome huge house, all the money in the world but you have something to get you around, a place to live and means to get you by. 
and most importantly family!
now i know the definition of family is different for everyone but so long as you have someone who loves you unconditionally the way you love them, they you are already rich! 
money wont buy you happiness and love; at least not the real kind. 

below are people (and furry friends) i am most thankful for this wonderful year:
Leila bear & Jack in the box! 
these were our outside babies. they are no longer with us. 
they are now in homes that can provide for them better then we ever could and for that i am grateful. 
as much as we all loved them, when you truly love someone its always whats best for them that will always work out in the long run.
so thank you to the families who were able to take them in and are now proving for them!
i hear Leila is off to Hawaii!  (for vacation)
friggin Hawaii!!!
man this guy kills me. he is THEE fanciest dog i have ever met. 
he sits with his bottom legs crossed. 
he lays with his front legs crossed out in front of him.
he wont pee anywhere UNLESS there is a rug, a shirt or a plastic bag. 
he barks at everything/everyone/me super annoyingly. 
love this punk!
before i started this post we had our thanksgiving meal! (: (full tummies are the best)
20 minutes later i tried getting her to give her a hug and she attacked the crap out of my finger. 
this lil punk sent me to the hospital earlier this year after she attacked my lip and busted it open. 
i have a pretty bad ass scar (always look at the positive side) and a sweet (sarcasm at its finest) hospital bill to pay because of her. 
she's our first and definitely my baby even though she'd rather shower then let me hug her.
whatever bitch.  
the planned child in the family. 
this kid drives me nuts. i want to strangle him 1000% of the time but i dont want to go to jail so i just suck it up and do arts and crafts. 
he amazes me with his smartness and the subjects he talks to me about sometimes. 
(i cant believe im getting teary eyed writing this!) 
hes the most sweetest thoughtful guy ever (when he's not cursing us out). he has a heart of gold and the woman who ends up marrying him (when hes 75 according to my mom) will be a lucky woman or a stressed out one. depends on how you look at it!
just keeeding. 
love ya bro!
"do you mind if i use this picture?" -me
"no its okay, no one reads your blog." -sister
(not counting me! yes i follow myself! gota support yoself you know!)
this chicken right here. 
maaaaan! she's definitely my fathers daughter. her temper, holy bahjesus!
im proud of her for graduating, for being so enthusiastic about going to college!, for getting a job finally and looking like she really enjoys it, for being real with me (see reference above!) and for just being my sister. 
there is no one else i would want for that job!
(old pic sorry! actually most all are lol)
we met back in 2007/2008? back when we were both working together. 
of all my coworkers, she was the one i kept in touch with frequently. 
she now lives with us and i am thankful for her because she has helped us a lot in our home. 
she kicks ass and she can cook like no other. 
she puts up with my brother and his video games and all that crap and shes happy to do it. 
good because unless its spyro or winnie the pooh for the ps1, im clueless!
i admire her for being a tough lil cookie!
and since she's come in to our lives she's been like another sister to us. 
sorry tess, your stuck with us as your fam. 
you had your chance to run away!
my mother. 
man this woman. 
what is there to say. 
i love her because of her humor. she is truly the definition of a joke. 
she makes me laugh so hard when she talks in her spanglish!
shes the most caring person ever. 
she has done everything to help us and keep us home and make sure that even though its not always all the time, that we are happy. 
i love her to death. 
i may have not been the best daughter growing up but that was just my stupid teenage phase. she's always been there for me and even though there's times that i want to strangle her too (the whole fam in fact....if you dont feel this often, in my opinion you dont love hard enough!). 
im thankful that she's MY (and siblings. i guess i have to share!) mother! 
i know i tell her all the time that if i could choose my parents i would chose Ricky Martin but i wouldn't trade her or the world! (maybe the world and Jupiter!) 
i love her and im glad she's mine. 
my mom kicks ass!

im also thankful for all the people in my life that i can call friends. 
im thankful for this wonderful year, another day of life and all the opportunities i get.
im thankful that i get to do this blog even if it seems so little. 
i love it all. 

i want to wish you all (who read this!) a happy thanksgiving. 
my stats show me that some people read and i do have 4 (yippie!!!) followers so you 4, just know you kick ass! you're awesome!
thank you for taking some time to read!
i love you all! (jaydeen i know you're one!) 

i hope you all have a GREAT amazing thanksgiving!
spend it with family and friends and furry little ones. 

thank you for reading!
love always, 

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