The Joy Formidable

i looooove the Fonda!!!

in continuance with my "2013 was the best friggin year ever! all these shows aaaahh!!! (and it aint over yer!)" posts, i gladly present to you the one time i went to see the Joy Formidable with my friend Jonathan!

he had said he wanted to see them and im not one to say no to a show. 
specially at $25! so i grabbed us tickets and huzzah! we went!
the awesome part?, this was 2 days after the Lianne La Havas show!
talk about a good week!

we got there kind of early enough to mmaaaaybe migrate towards the front but we stayed back, had a few drinks and enjoyed the show. 

i had heard their latest album and i liked a few of their stuff but im not a HUGE fan. 
so it wasnt like "ahhh get to the front!" but we were still pretty close. 

i wasnt able to get a lot of pictures and this is probably the post with the least pictures but i liked what i got!
and of course the mandatory marquee shot! ;)

enjoy zee fotos! 

that wolf thing kept changing colors. 
i LOVED the pink!
what a cutie!!
light show in the lobby!

like i said! minimal pictures!!!
sometimes that way you can enjoy a show more. 

thanks for reading this quick little post!

have a kick ass thursday!


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