Keepin' it real

its confession time!
its about to get real here. 
(sorry because it's kind of long, so thank you in advance to those who actually read the whole thing. i love you!) 

okay, so, i started this blog i believe about 2 years ago this upcoming January however, i did not keep up with it. going back to this June, i decided to get back to it and so far its probably one of the best decisions i've made this year. 

my purpose for blogging is simple; to write about the books that i read (because im an avid reader) in order to keep better tracking of them. as some of you may know, im a HUGE Dean Koontz fan. ive easily read over 80 of his titles but i have a horrible memory. REALLY horrible....

i used to hate reading. 
before 9th grade (11 years now?) i remember probably picking up a book here and there but it wasnt until then that i was "forced" (15 mins at the beginning of english class) to read. 
the first book i ever picked up was Tick Tock by Dean Koontz that i bought at Target.
this purchase was based solely on the cover and the summary of the story. 
i had never heard of Dean Koontz before then but i can definitely tell you that i have never and will never look back. 

i ventured here and there with different authors but it wasnt until i bought my very first nook (og status, none of that light up in the dark, super fancy skinny, high tech with apps, the screen is all black and white and i need a side light to use it) that i truly jumped in to this world of reading. it started with Amanda Hoking's My Blood Approves series (at this time in my life i kept accidentally purchasing series. how did i not catch that? i dont know!), to several other authors and it just expanded from there. i can honestly say that within 2-3 years, ive wandered around with several different authors and my love for reading has grown immensely more than i ever thought possible. 

from Dean Koontz (all his books are purchased physically, i will never purchase them via nook. books > nooks), to Amanda Hocking, to Jill Mansell, John Green and that's just to name a few. 

i know, i know. besides Dean Koontz, they're  all mostly just young adult writers but that's the best thing. Everyone has their own taste and for now this is whats working for me. i'm just glad i have something to read that i absolutely love.   

i hope that for those of you who do take the time to read my blog stumble upon something that you find to be amazing. a book that holds your heart and you don't want to put down. 
reading is a beautiful thing!
it takes you in to a world that you would have never imagined yourself (unless you read your own published work. or someone stole your writing. sorry dude, but if i read it chances are i loved it!) and it just ahh!
it takes over you!
i cant tell you how many times I've fallen in love with characters and have had my heart broken at the end just because our journey is over (unless it's a trilogy, then it takes a bit longer!) 

seems like im really attached huh? 
when you find something you love, you don't spend anytime denying it. 

i couldnt have said it better myself.

with all that being said, a few years ago i noticed that i wasnt my usual self. 
i used to be a very happy, colorful outgoing person and then it changed. 
i can very well pin point it to the exact moment when it all turned but i wont mention that here. 
ive made my peace with it and ive let it go and as you all know karma works the way it works and well,  it worked. 
for a while i remember reading all over facebook (towards the end of the year of course), people saying that xxxx year was the best year ever and then they'd list a whole bunch of amazingness that happened to them and i was just like meh, thats cool. 
well, this year it all changed. 
i personally feel that i've, for the better, changed and this year was like a rebirth or something. you call it what you want. 
this year,  I HAVE LIVED!!!!
ive done so much, ive been places, ive done things that i've never done before. 
2013 has been one heck of a year!
so much that i decided to start documenting my life because moments are fleeting but memories are forever. and if you have a memory like mine then its time to start jotting them down because forever is like a 2 day span! (wah!)

so back in june i came back, i decided to make this happen even if its just for me. 
i read a lot of blogs (Rachel, Joleen, Jen and Emma & Elsie just to name of few) that besides being awesomely popular for their creativity and style have also dedicated some time aside to dedicate memories for the future. all of their kids will be able to look back and see all these memories and see what was and all the fun and just everything in general (look at me being all about the future!) and i wanted to have that as well. even if its just for me.
i may have not traveled outside the country or to another state but these are memories, birthdays, books, everything that i want to remember. 

okay, now for the last part. 

i believe you know, that a blog should reflect what youre all about and what you do and your interests and a cute layout NEVER hurts. 
so as i was doing research for a new layout because the basic blogger ones only go so far and im not that computer savvy,  i stumbled upon the lovely ever so wonderful Crissy from Candypow through her etsy store and well the rest is history! (like 24 hours old!) 
because of her i now have this awesomely amazing layout! its simple but to the point and i LOVE it!
she took my her vision, added a few of my touches and made it amazeballs!
i absolutely love it, its everything that i  have ever wanted that i could have never made myself. 
you better believe im that much more proud of my blog!
i know its still 2013 but this was a gift to myself because if 2013 was this great then 2014 will be that much better! 
i know i could have easily added an about me tab and written this all there but i felt better writing a post as opposed to what later on down the line might be changed and forgotten. 
should any feelings change, i can just write a new post and this will forever reflect as a memory of what once was. 

with all that being said, i want to thank you for a) sticking to this uber long post. b) letting me express myself for a bit and c) for just visiting in general. if there is in any way that i made your day just a tad bit better than i feel great! its not often that you can touch peoples hearts with a few simple sentencea. 

thank you for the support in advance. 
you are awesome!
amazingly awesome!!
keep being you because there is no one better at being you!
(Dr. Seuss moment!)

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