My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me Hilary Winston

Sterling isbn: 978-1-4027-7979-4
EE-book: 978-1-4027-8882-6
Issued 2011
Read from 11/8-18/2013

reason 18,943 why actual books are ALWAYS and will always be better than eBooks (unless all your books come in e-book version for free!!): you can pick up the physical copy and skimp around and see if this is something you want to commit too. or if its even worth it. 
i usually just jump to the end. 
i like spoilers. i dont mind. 
that shows commitment right there!
wanna know the 18,942 reasons before this, PICK UP A BOOK and let it take over! but make sure its good otherwise its a lost cause.

a friend of mine posted this picture (see below) and that's kind of what got me going on getting this book. 

of course, i got the eBook version because in my eyes $5.99 will always beat $12.99 (unless you're Dean Koontz. then ill pay full price for the real thing!) 

any who, i wouldn't call this an autobiography (then what would you call it!?) you know cause its kind of like shorts stories thrown in together that connect to an entire story and well i don't know.

okay okay. 
to the point. 

Ive never heard of Hilary Winston up until i saw that screenshot buuuut apparently i am very familiar with her work. 
she is/was a writer for Community & My Name Is Earl. 
i looove my name earl! 
but publicly never heard of her. 

i bought her book because i tend to gravitate towards this kind of writing so i gave it a go (never judge a book by its cover!) (this kind of writing? see: Chelsea Handler // Tucker Max. LOVE that guy). 

the  main story is based upon her ex-boyfriend Kyle writing a book about her and her finding it at Barnes & Noble at The Grove. 
and he totally trashed her.
from there on she goes to talk about the whole her and Kyle story and how they dated for 5 years and all the ups and downs from that relationship. 
she talks about all her failed relationships and how she thinks that everything is connected to the whole Kyle relationship & some birthing crap some doctor hypnotized her to re-live because apparently her parents birthed her to be someone and not for love.
all her gay boyfriends (yes she had a few gay boyfriends. not as friends. as boyfriends. lucky bitch!), her failed one night stands, Kyle (several times), her mothers cancer and her cats. 

im not going to lie it had its moments where i was laughing buuuut i was counting down the pages to 200 ($5.99 for 200 pages!? get outta here!)
plus im not one to give up on a book just like that, (except that one book in english class, bossy pants by tina fey & some one book i literally burned because it sucked that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

for me the most memorable parts were the Bill Clinton one and only because i have a screen shot, and the end of the book when she talks about her cat Emmett and how she struggles with admitting that she knows its his time. time to let him go. 
i made the mistake of reading that at work and i was fighting back the tears failing miserably.

there's also a few others but they have already left my mind (oooh the whole whore shower thing! ...basically this guy calls it a whore shower and all it is is you showering your "naughty bits" before you leave his house.) Also, she takes a lot of freaking showers!
(with Kyle, her whore shower, her birthday shower with some random guy at 2am.)

I'm not an expert and everyone has different tastes but i personally wasn't a super huge fan of this book and neither was my friend that i found this book through.
its either a hit or miss and to me, this was a miss. 
kind of like Sarah Silverman's book.
i love ya babe but it was a no. 

im at a loss for words because for all my other books i've had so much to say and this one is kind of already done with.

if you've read this before, what are your thoughts? 
let me know. 

thanks for reading!!!!

(like i said!!!: these are my expressions and opinions only! to each their own. wouldn't it be boring if everyone liked the same thing all the time!? diversity is the best!!!!) 

ps. i got the new Dean Koontz Wilderness short story. woot woot cant wait to read all 38 nook book pages of it!!! (no, they didn't have it for sale physically, i don't think. i would have definitely bought it!) 
New book Innocence comes out December 10, 2013.
Already marked on my calendar. 

P.s.s: this is one of nooks many lend me books so if you want to read it but don't wanna pay! (And you have a nook or the app on your phone), leave me your email in the comment (it won't show because I need to approve it) and ill send it to ya!
Just know its a one time lend per username and I believe its only for up to 14 days.

Once again! 
Thanks! (:

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