Snapshot Sunday

if ever there was a reason to go back to this game....this is it!
how do you even get negative followers. they requested me and every time i'd hit follow it become negative. of course i would stop at 14! ;)
i miss my leila bear! :(
but she's in a better home and i know she's with people who can provide for her more than we were able too.
so this happened!
its fanny (funny), during Halloween EVERYONE was all up on Christmas.
now that its Thanksgiving, which is way closer to Christmas, everyone has a heart attack if you even mention xmas because we havent celebrated thxgvn yet! 
if anything these two holidays (to me) correlate more than anything else!  
she started scratching my sisters door like crazy at 4/5 am and of course i am the only one that hears it. 
i get up, let her out,lay back down only to hear her trying to get in to the trashcan! 
i had work at 8. 
leaving to work i find her like this. 
beyond comfortable!
kids these days! 
spying on me later on while i do arts & crafts!
see, i didnt lie when i said i didnt cook. 
thanksgiving 2013. 
its all gon' change. 
go big or go home (to your gramas so you can have some decent turkey because god know's im guna mess mine up somehow!)
my brother's spanglish is NO joke. 
this message is supposed to say: "i am going to be in my friends house mom. i have a ride home. love you." 
if youre bilingual, youre cracking up!

cruisin the streets. not a care in the world. 
in this previous post, you can see that i had a baby blue frame with chalk paint to jot down notes. 
its safe to say, it wasnt used much. sooo it got replaced. 
i made this board based on Anne's version (two diff links) this is the super baby version obviously. 
i follow her on IG and when she moved she mentioned that she was parting with some things. 
i mentioned to her that i was interested the board but she stated she was keeping it. 
im still holding out!
and yes i knoooow i can make it but le sigh, i want her's! 
(i had seen another version as well which is where i got the studs idea.) 
on another note: my coworker Joe lent me his staple gun so i reinforced it more and i added the little pink looking ears because originally, it only laid horizontally and hanging it was a bitch! so i fixed it and now its up and going!
what i love about it currently holds most of the stuff that went down 2013. 
this yeas was amazing to say the least!

aaand just because!
isnt she a beauty!
i love decorating!!!
and the diy's i have coming up!

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