DIY: Birthday Banner

as i had posted earlier, for Dylan's Birthday i created a happy birthday banner after his mother asked me to make him one. 
originally she wanted a mickey mouse shaped one but i wasnt diggin' the whole "make a million circles' deal so i came up with something different!

since Mickey is black, white and yellow i decided to go based off of that and this is what i came up with!!!

i printed the letters from on stock paper for sturdiness and then they sat for a day.
before i colored Dylan's name i made the happy birthday banner. 
i cut the circles with a tool i bought at Daiso Japan (similar here), waited for a day and while i was at work BOOM! the idea came to me in regards on to how to do the letters. 
i bought a tiny hole puncher at michael's and i decided happy would be red and birthday would be yellow!
hence the idea was born!
once i cut the circles, i was originally gluing the dots one by one and then decided: "let me try a different method!" hence, this idea was born. 
i had intended the tummies of the letters to stay empty but that quickly was shot down due to the glue getting everywhere when traced.
in the end it looks better all covered up.
for D's name my sister kept insisting that i paint them and i was hesitant since i wasnt sure how it would hold up. 
it did surprisingly well. 
i painted two coats of black let them dry over night and the next day uidid the bottom half red. 
(if you notice on the Y, you can see the tape. unfortunately i thought of painting them after i had tapped them but the good thing is the tape took the paint..even though its noticeable.)
i had yellow paper left over so i punched the necessary dots and glued them on.
easy peasy!  
for the pom poms i decided to go with white to tie it all together and since i had not used it anywhere else, it seemed fit!

Once it was all assembled, i just taped everything to black yarn. 
for the pom pom balls (makers bought at michaels or here) i just taped the edge of the yarn, made it pointy and ran it through the middle of the pom pom. 

the final placement // result!
looooved it!

materials needed: 
-pom pom makers (i bought both packets --diff sizes-- but i used the yellow one in the packet listed)
-printable letters (if you chose to go that route)
-yarn of your color
-paper of your color 
-glue sticks 
-small hole punch (i got mine at michaels for a buck. this one is pricey)

i believe that is all. 
sorry i wasnt more detailed in the pictures. 
if you have any questions, feel free to let me know and ill help as much as i can. 

thanks for reading!!!

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