Happy Birthday Dylan!!!!

the birthday boy at home during the pre-festivities teaching me how to play angry birds on his tablet.
kids 3 and hes better at technology than i am!

Vera and I were sitting on the sofa with him and he started playing fruit ninja and in my head i was already thinking: "man!, my finger is going to hurt."
all that swiping doesn't come cheap.
AND THEN!...he ninja status pulls out this awesome pen for his tablet and went to town on them fruits!
me & Vera were like whaaaat?!

isn't it crazy how fast kids grow!?
i feel like we were just celebrating his 2nd birthday at Disneyland and now here we are at 3!!!

Beerah (his momma, that's what i call her) threw him a Mickey Mouse themed party.
this kid is something else! <3
here are some pictures i took.

 homemade 2 am cupcakes made by Vera, Stan & Michelle
 happy birthday banner made by yours truly! 
(i might have a diy coming up on this! i think i took a few pictures!) 
 tried having a photo session and he was all shy. 
ppffft kid please! :)
homemade candy bags buckets!
 originally Vera wanted me to make a pinata for the party but i wasn't really to comfortable with that because although they look easy to make, i wasn't willing to try my very first at a kid's party where i could harm someone. 
Vera made her own pinata. 
apparently Dylan is scared of them so she made the hippie version where you pull on the strings. 
it would've been nice had it worked! oh man!!! :D
so Kelvin got up on that little stool and basically made it rain on the kids. 
Vera: "okay! be careful! basically your kids are getting candy at their own risk!" 
she did warn them so hey!
i forgot what else she said but i was laughing the whole time!
shes a joke. i warned you!
(these, actually all, these pictures were taken on my phone hence the grainy-ness. hey, i wasn't professionally hired! i did mah best!)
Ezra was going crazy trying to blow the candles. 
i think he blew a few. 
see what i mean! haha
this kid and his faces!!! <3
"leslie no saques esta foto!" 
(leslie you better not print this photo!)
sorry Reyna!!!! eeek!
Dylan and his grama!
Brian // Dylan // Beerah
     Vera's cousin Eric came along and because its tradition (and there was no cake) he rubbed a cupcake on Dylan's face to which of course he went crazy over. 
so he let D get him back. 
he was a happy camper after that!
 Brian & Dylan
 i tell this kid to pose and let me take a picture. 
super hero pose it was!
 Dylan & his great grandma
all day D was kinda not having it over pictures and taking them. 
then grandpa showed up and he had the HUGEST smile on his face and he didn't mind posing them!
 me & the birthday boy!
I'm telling ya! this kid wasn't a fan of the pinata. 
but when the second round went up and he heard change fall he ran like nobodies business.
and by far, my favorite picture! <3
Dylan and his momma. 

let me just take a second and say that all you professional photographers deserve a helluva lot of credit because as soon as i left the party Vera was like send me the pictures and every day since then every 5 minutes it has been non-stop. haha.
just keeeding.
but no seriously.
take in mind all pictures were taken on my phone hence the reason some look grainy.

over all the party was a fun little success.
all the kids were sugared out and it was just nice to hang out with Dylan & Vera since its not so often because they live kind've far.

once again Dylan
Happy 3rd Birthday!

ill make sure to save a couple of these for when you turn 18 so i can embarrass you in front of your friends. 
love ya kid!

thanks for reading!
<3 -les

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