Snapshot Sunday

sooo much yarn! and i dont even know how to knit. i should tell my grama to teach me again!
my sister bought chonchies this toy. i found it funny that chonch had set it on the sofa sitting down the night before. 
what a cutie!!! <3
i bought this cuuute little wallet at Target! for $5 bucks! 
as soon as i saw it i was like yes! i had to have it!
ready for work this earlier this week
these are the only kind of selfies i like. 
cuddling with her new chew toy! 
she's spoiled
i have a thing with file folders. 
i love 'em!!!!
my birthday isnt until January but Andy's already taking me to an early bday dinner! 
i cant wait. 
i love my frens!
Jay & Andy!
(i also love this chaton app!) 
my sister bought me starbucks while i was at work! eeek! <3 
going to start making some christmas decorations!!!! 
eeek! cannot wait!
 driving to work last week. 
it was all gloomy and grey except for that little opening. 
you could see the sun clearly through there. 
isn't mother nature awesome! :)

today im heading out to celebrate my little man Dylan's birthday.
i have a DIY coming up with that so stay tuned. 

thank you so much for reading!
have a great rest of your weekend!!!! 
<3 -Les

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