Let me geek out here!

like the post says, Let me geek out here. 


about a month ago Joleen was asking for guest bloggers on her instagram and i was thinking hey! let me give it a shot! whats the worst that can happen? 

well I'm happy to report that NOTHING bad happened!


i will be the guest blogger on her blog tomorrow. 
ill be back tomorrow with the direct link. 
you have no idea how excited i am. 

i also got my 2nd follower yesterday and my first ever comment a few days ago. 
like i said then, its the little milestones! :D 

its only 10 and its already a very happy tuesday for me!

other goodies!: 

- i shrunk my pants so now they fit (length wise) how i wanted them too! which is good because now they dont look like high waters and i can show off my cute flats! 

- i just found out about the patchwork show! and you bet im going!

- a few weeks ago i wrote for my company's news letter and that got published too! (im trying to get a picture so i can upload that!) 

-hhmmm....what else. well its Tuesday, im awake, im at work and im happy. 

i cant complain!
all is good!!!

thanks for reading! <3


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    1. thanks!
      i just saw it.
      im totally geek-ing out!

      thanks so sooo much!


thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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