This & that

1. This is real people! Xmas IS just around the corner!

2. Way to go lady! this is how you handle something so big with grace!

3. Support your kids!  Don't ever abandon them! ♥

4. WHY am i barely seeing this!??? more pumpkin decorating ideas!!!! im going through a donut phase and these are just beautiful!!!!!!!
5. speaking of donuts!, ill take the dozen! (my birthday is coming up after all. ;D
(for an s3. hint hint!)
6. donut balloons people!!! its a thing!!!!!
who wants em for their birthday!?
7. the a beautiful mess app is available for Droid now!!!
(best believe i bought it and all the in app purchases!)


other things to laugh/be thankful about: 

-my brother! -.-
my moms wasnt able to cook last night so she bought us pizza. 
he killed box and a half with angel.
i get home from work and im looking for a slice. 
he has 3 left. i grab one and he yells at me because its for his friend kay. 
he literally almost had a heart attack and angel turned white as a ghost. 
i just saw on instagram that tessie bought them a whole 5 course domino's meal!
screw you ant. 

it was amaazing!!!!!! 
seats were great, drinks were great, company was great, the man himself was GREAT!!!!
more on that coming soon!!!!

-tomorrow is thanksgiving!

-next week im off 2 days in a row!
best thing:  its the MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS concert!!!

thank you for reading! (:

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