The Fault In Our Stars: Movie Edition

if you have seen the movie by now, i hope you know why i took a picture of my ticket stub using this background. but basically, its in regards to her eulogy for Gus. (ooops, spoiler!!!) 

when i first wrote my post on The Fault In Our Stars i felt like i didnt do it justice. specially since Emma from ABM wrote a better post than mine! so i had to post about that because i feel that all of my 12 followers and other readers deserved a proper view in to this book. 

John Green. 
WHAT a genius that man is. 
seriously. if you have yet to pick up this book, please stop hesitating and do it. 
but do yourself one favor even better!!!!, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!

im not a huge fan of movies based on books because it hardly ever works but this movie. 
this movie is amazing! such a good job they did. nope scratch that. AMAZING. 

while i do feel that my writing on books has gotten a lot better, this was one of the first books that i wrote about so i can see that i missed a lot for the sake of saving information and to not spoil it for anyone or myself for when i read the book later on. 

there are several changes to the movie (like always) such as when they leave to Amsterdam. Also at the end with the letter but it was done so well that you cant help but love the movie for what it is. (also, the swing set! horrible memory but i know they come back to it in the book but i forgot how/where/why....oh wait, i remember!) they did such an outstanding job honoring this book.
i loved this book so much that even though i own it on e-book format i bought it through Amazon because i had to have it physically. i love my books and this is one i had to have. 

go watch this movie. prepare to love it. and prepare to cry. 
i've even heard dudes on the radio say they went to go see it with their girls and they were balling their eyes out by the time it was over.

i feel like every so often, a book comes out and it just hits you. its amazing and you love it for what it is and the way it changes you and for now, this one is mine. i know its young adult but it doesn't matter! i looove it! i cant wait to re-read it and crease the spine and highlight basically everything in the book. 
and the fact that the movie is just as good, it makes me love it that much more!
you better believe im going to go catch it one more time in theaters!

go catch this movie. 
dont miss out!!!!
you'll beat yourself up!!!!

"you dont get to chose if you get hurt in this world but you do have a say in who gets to hurt you....i like my chances." -Augustus Waters

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