The Huntington

2 months ago my awesome blossom friend Frank to me to The Huntington. 
he knows me oh so well because i FELL IN LOVE with the place as soon as we got there. 
here are a few snaps i grabbed. 
and if you get the chance, GO!
its such an awesome place!

pictures of our president!
im not sure why but i fell in love with this picture!
a lot of the paintings that i fell in love with were mostly scenic like the one above. 
trust me i had taken at least 100 different pictures but i had to cut it short ya know!
i believe this painting is called "The Clouds" or "Clouds" something with clouds that's all i remember. 
as soon as you walk in to the room where its located, this is the first thing you see. 
i fell in love!
i want this for my room!!!!
Andy Warhol!
i love his artwork!!
frank's such a sweetheart. when we were leaving he bought me a post card of the Campbell's soup! (: 
i still need to frame it but its up on my wall!
we caught this rainbow at the exit of the Math Center. 
its sooo funny because on the way in the lady at the door (this sweet little old lady) was like "this is the math building. are you sure you want to come in?" 
oh man i was cracking up for an hour at least. i think its the way she said it.
behind the waterfall in the Japanese Garden. 
California Rules!!!
what i remember from the description, this was made and kept in the artists home (i believe) and then there was a fire and boom it went missing!
after missing for a while, they believe this is the original one because after being tested, it shows that it withstood high heat levels!
hey, its a broken memory but i membered!!! :D  
as soon as i saw the rose garden i thought of my mom. 
and of how we would be getting escorted out because i already imagine her trying to take some of them home. 
some of the names were crazy i swear!
my usual outfit!
i need new chucks!

im not sure why it took me forever to post this!
this place is awesome!!!!
i love these pictures and they were all taken with my Galaxy 3. im sure with the 5 they'd be better but with an actually camera, they would be amazing!

seriously if you get the chance to go, GO!!!!!
and wear comfy shoes. a lot of walking involved. 
cant wait to go again! <3
thanks frank! :*

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