Au-revoir Français.Vous me manquerez!

saint pierre crepe along with water and an alcoholic pear drink (forgot the name!)

i feel like ive been really quiet on the blogging front. 
its not that i dont have anything to say ive just been extremely lazy!!!
with work and school (and be it that it was only ONE class!!! so my hats off to you all!) ive just been blah....

well, i no longer have an excuse (for like a week and a half!)
yesterday was my last day in French class. 
it feels like so long ago that i last wrote this post! yea, only two months ago but man did the time fly!!!
thats it! no more french!

its crazy because i am feeling so bummed out about not going back to that class with all those people again. and its so weird because ive taken classes before but i have NEVER felt like that. In my last English class i sat next to a dude who made front page on the school newspaper for selling drugs out of his car. i didnt even miss that class and that was hella exciting! 

its safe to say that i did learn more than i thought i would and i honestly do hope i remember most of it! while i can honestly say that i never really plan to travel out there to France, its just a nice back up to know some stuff here and there. i do not at this moment (unless the same teacher teaches the class) plan to take french 2. i will gladly take Spanish but french. non, merci!

i got really good grades. 
my test scores range from high 80's to mid 90's. 
i got an 83 on my final and while i could have done better i am okay with my score considering i didnt really study. it just sucks that i wont physically have my test to see what i did wrong as the class is now over. 

it amazes me at how packed the class was when we started. i was lucky enough to get a seat in the back and by the end, there were only 11 of us left. 
to celebrate our accomplishment, we went out to dinner as a little group. only 6 of us (hence the picture above!)
Mindy, Luis, George, Natalia, the teacher, myself and 1 more guy who by all means failed but still went!

we went to Creme de la Crepe in Long Beach as a last little hoorah!
it was nice to just be hanging out with everyone one last time and listen to their conversations. 
see, im quite quiet and shy so i wont say much. so it was nice to just be in a random group of company of people celebrating .
i have seen other friends of mine have a group outings with their colleagues and ive always wanted to do that. 
last night my little dream came true! (: 

point of this ongoing post is that i will miss that french class!
im so happy that on behalf of my coworkers nagging i kept at it and went AND kept it up AND PASSED with a 93%!!!!!! (even thought its a friggin pass / fail class!)
this is the beginning for me hopefully. 
i hope to stick to this going to school thing!
i already signed up for summer so i hope that goes through because you know, wait lists! 

here's to you my little french class!
i will miss you so dearly!!!!

Je t'aime cours Francais. 
Until next time! <3

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